How much does it cost to repair a mobile?

In our daily life, we use our mobile phone for at least 4-5 hours. It has made our working efficiency smooth and comfortable. But at the same time, it's so annoying to work with a phone that constantly troubles you with many software or hardware related issues. There is nothing to worry about. Your phone just needs a little repair or service. 

But there is one thing to keep in mind is that the expenses of repair depend on two factors, such as the following.

  1. Mobile Brand
  2. Service requirement

Now, let’s figure out the mobile issues and repair parts costs. 

  • Mobile Screen Issues: Most of the phones come under the warranty period of either one 1year or it can be extended. If there is an internal issue such as hardware or manufacturing defect then that will be counted under warranty. But unfortunately, our mobile phones mostly suffer from broken/cracked screens which happen because of some accident that becomes a separate issue.

Replacement and repairing of the screen are two ways to fix this issue. Mobile repair parts and their replacement cost depends on the mobile brand.

Screen Repair (for iphone users)

Iphone 5s, 5c,5 


Iphone 6


Iphone7, 7+


Iphone8, 8+


Screen repair costs for Android (Repairing cost varies as brand range rises)





Google Pixels


  • Battery issues: As many people have to work mostly from their mobile phones, they usually face battery run out issues. If your mobile phone needs multiple charging per day or runs out of battery within a few hours then you must consult a trained professional to replace its battery. Going for a local battery replacement option could be your immature decision as it may not only damage your phone’s hardware but your overall performance too.

Battery’s cost varies with the brand of your mobile phone. We would recommend you to visit your authorization center for guided and genuine battery replacement for your smartphone.

  • Mobile gets water damaged: You drop your phone into water, it may cause defects.

According to the experts, just shut down your mobile and don’t plug in to charge it. Using DIY attempts to fix this issue is not advisable. Water may damage the internal circuitry and ultimately your phone. It’s better to get the phone repaired from an authorized mobile center nearby you.

  • Hardware Issues: Many hardware issues such as fault in a camera lens (front and back), home button, speakers (Ear or Loud), volume button, charging port, and motherboard makes your phone less functional.

Their repairing expenses vary according to the cell phone accessory and brand. But you may end up investing only fewer bucks to resolve it.

  • Fixing camera issues may cost up to $30-60 (also depend on the front and back camera)
  • Fixing Charging Port may cost up to $50-80.
  • Fixing the power button problem can charge you $30-60.
  • Fixing the speaker and microphone defects are very low in budget and costs up to $10-80.
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