Debunking Common Mobile Battery-Myths

Once upon a time, charging your phone seemed like a straight-forward task. You just had to plug your charger in and go about your day’s business.

Sadly, today, there are a lot of mobile battery myths floating around. With smart phones exploding and people’s pillow cases catching fire some of these myths have gone on too long.

No need to wake up tired early in the morning only to feel guilty about your supposed ‘bad’ charging habits. We’re here to help you banish some common myths you must have come across sometime.

Overnight charging is harmful

So many people get this one wrong—it’s astonishing, really. Rest assured that you are NOT harming your digital best friend.

Give your ‘smart’ phone some credit. It’s not a hoverboard—it knows when it is fully charged. After that it stops charging on its own.

Complete Discharge is necessary

You certainly don’t have to wait until your phone has reached its limit to finally plug in your charger.

Most smart phones are charged with lithium ion batteries these days. This means that charging them to a 100% and sucking all the juice until you are down to 0% is no longer applicable to your smart phones and laptops.

Turning Off Location Services

Mobile apps that require turning on your location data are not lethal for your battery life!  

You would know the frustration of losing your mobile and not being able to locate it from your G-mail account only because you were too afraid to keep your location turned on.

Sure, it isn’t the same as if you’d used airplane mode but it won’t completely drain your battery either. Souse that airplane mode when you are actually in an airplane.

Freeze Your Phone

Ever seen a warning from your iPhone that it needs to cool down after you’ve carelessly kept it under the sun for a long time? There’s a reason for it.  

You should keep your lithium-ion battery mobiles away from two kinds of temperatures—extreme hot and extreme cold. Charging your iPhone over 95°F is damaging to your device’s battery, according to Apple. Android phones won’t disagree with this rule either.

According to Battery University, smartphones should not be charged in sub-freezing temperatures. This creates an irreversible “plating of metallic Lithium’ on the battery anode. It will only drain your battery that much faster.


What you’re thinking of was true for nickel-cadmium batteries. Today’s lithium-ion batteries do not have this problem. They do not develop a ‘memory’. What they do have is “old man syndrome’ according to Battery University.

What this means is that lithium-ion batteries have a certain capacity. This capacity gradually degrades over the lifetime of a smartphone’s battery usage. For the same charging period, your mobile will not charge as much as a brand new one. It’s best that you charge it slowly now and then.

Close All Background Apps

This one we’ve all been guilty of doing at least once. Turns out, it’s not as effective in saving your battery life as you thought. Sure, shutting down unused mobile applications may seem like a good idea. It just won’t speed up your smart phone.

Smartphones are specifically designed to optimize necessary tasks while those that aren’t being used lie harmlessly in the background. You don’t have to close every single app that you aren’t using at a given time—and there are usually many.

Wireless Charging is Bad

The heat generated during charging can cause damage to your mobile’s battery—if it’s excessive. Today’s Qi wireless charging pads emit a lot less heat than its predecessors.

You should not use such chargers in close knit spaces as it gathers heat. Quality wireless chargers that are factory-approved are your best bet.

It seems we still have a long way to go until we get to use solid-state batteries. Until then, read our tips for keeping mobile battery healthy or just go ahead and buy a new battery.

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