Common Smartphone Damages You Need To Lookout For!

Smartphones are important parts of our lives, they literally assist us in everything— buying grocery, getting a cab, navigation, music, searching for a pair of shoes, and let’s not forget the its primary function – communication.

But this helpful companion is constantly at threat. Most of these threats come from us in the form of accidents. However, they can be avoided your conscious effort. Here’s what you DON’T need to do.

Harmful Exposure

Leaving your smartphone inside the car on a sunny day or freezing night of the winter can prove damaging. Your device needs to be protected from heat and extreme cold or else it may malfunction. A study indicated that android phones lasted longer in cold than iPhones. Both, iPhones and Android phones malfunction below negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  So, the next time you add another layer of sunscreen on a sunny day, also make necessary arrangements for your phone.


To gain more control on their smartphones, users root their systems. It helps provide better functionality for the time being. But if the rooting process goes wrong, the phones may cease to work. During the rooting process the phone starts a dialogue with the user, if you do not know which prompt to press, you will end up with a dead phone. Therefore, contact a professional to root your phone.

Ignoring Malware

If you press ‘later’ for every malware detected notification, then you are putting your phone at a risk of complete shutdown. Therefore, install authentic apps only, and update your phone in a timely manner to fix any bugs. Malware can rob essential contact information, sensitive files and even your location, so be very vigilant about them.

Crammed-Up Memory

People save millions of screen shots, music, photos, apps and files on their phones.  Using your phone memory to its full capacity can decrease its efficiency. Hence, use a SD card to store all your data to avoid cramming your phone’s memory.

Limitless Service

Smartphones are used 24/7 without a break, they may seem limitless and capable of performing all kinds of work. But your device needs to rest, in order to improve its functionality. You can shut down your device for 30 minutes. This will clear caches and prolong the life of your RAM.

Pocket Placement

Phone peaking from the rare pocket of skinny jeans is a common sight these days. People constantly damage their devices by placing them in their back pockets. They end up sitting and breaking the device, or damaging the exterior due to the limited space. Another damaging habit is forgetting that your phone is placed in your lap. Many phone experience the hardness of the pavements and office floor because of user’s forgetfulness and fidgeting habits. You can buy phone cases and screen protectors online, and if your screen is cracked you can also use a LCD Screen Digitizers to use your device to the fullest.

Mobile Flashing

A device is functional because of its system designs and ROM. In hopes of improving their smartphone’s efficiency, user’s flash their devices, without realizing that an incorrect flashing of ROM can lead to sudden death for their smartphones.

Water Wasted

Taking a dip in the pool with your smartphone in hand or dropping it down the toilet can cause early demise of your device. Avoid exposing your phone to heat, cold, or water. If it does end up in the water, shut it down and remove the battery. You can place it over night in rice, to soak up the moisture, but it’s always better to get it repaired from a professional.

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