5 Stunning Cases To Keep Your iPhone Protected

Phones need to be guarded like a highly confidential facility located in the middle of nowhere. It has all your email accounts, passwords, awkward photographs, confidential files—and let’s not forget the countless evidence you’ve collected as screenshots.

Guarding this essential device from human breach is no easy feat; it needs to be protected from wear and tear. In order to make your phones secure and resilient to falls, we present a list of iPhone cases that are currently trending.

Snap On Cases

Snap cases are basic accessories that is easy to use and durable in nature. You can find multiple designs and colors in this style such as, plastic, leather, and glass. This slender-case has precise cuts and smart spaces for charging port, camera, ear phone, and side switch.

Bumper Clear Case

This minimalist design provides a clear view of your device, but its slim case and smooth finish makes your iPhone more impressive. It also provides sufficient openings for cables, ear phones, camera, and flash. These transparent cases are usually made from polycarbonate, which makes them scratch and impact resistant.

Keen Case

This sleek and minimalistic design enhances the beauty of your iPhone. It has all the necessary cut-outs for charging port and camera. It provides grip and support to your device with its easy-to-hold smart design. The vertical side of the case is equipped with a gripping mechanism to prevent fall and breakage.

Keen Case is available in two color scheme black and rose-pink with black grippers on the side.

Ardent Wallet Cases

All you need to carry is your phone; wallet cases have made wallets redundant. This case has a plastic frame for your phone, surrounded by a leather cover with cut-outs for your credit cards and money.

The leather flap also provides an additional protection to your screen. This smart design can also be used to prop your phone in landscape mode. This case is available in black, blue, pick, silver, and gold color.

Destiny Case

This case is actually set out to change your iPhone’s destiny with its unique design and vibrant color.

The case is self-embossed with small texture and patterns which make the design subtle. The opening and cut-outs for charging and camera are incorporated in this design with craftsmanship. Another intriguing quality of this case is variety in colors. You can order cases in silver, black, dark blue, rose-gold, red, and pink.

Liquid Protector Case

If you want to give a funky makeover to your iPhone, this is the perfect choice for you. This case has glitter, vibrant colors, and to top it all, small bedazzled hearts in sparkly water encased in its body.

It provides a circular indentation for your iPhone’s logo and necessary opening for camera and charging port.  You can get it in purple, rose-gold, blue, and silver.

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