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Debunking Common Mobile Battery-Myths

Once upon a time, charging your phone seemed like a straight-forward task. You just had to plug your charger in and go about your day’s business. Sadly, today, there are a lot of mobile battery myths floating around. With smart phones exploding and people’s pillow cases catching fire some of these myths have gone on too long. No need to...

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Screen Loading: Speed Up Your Mobile in a Few Simple Steps

In today’s fast paced world, no one has time for a slow smartphone. Unfortunately, we often find that even the best cell phones tend to slow down after a few years. This isn’t to say that you should chuck out your expensive gadgets and buy brand new ones. There are ways to make your smartphone work faster without harming its...

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More Than Protection: 5 Reasons To Invest In A Mobile Case

Your smartphone is like an extension of yourself. You really can’t do without it. Consumers in the U.S. spend 5 hours a day, on average, on their smartphones—and why not? You’ve got the whole world in the palm of your hands! How about protecting your valuable digital best friend? People who buy expensive smartphones, but leave the necessary mobile covers out,...

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5 Stunning Cases To Keep Your iPhone Protected

Phones need to be guarded like a highly confidential facility located in the middle of nowhere. It has all your email accounts, passwords, awkward photographs, confidential files—and let’s not forget the countless evidence you’ve collected as screenshots. Guarding this essential device from human breach is no easy feat; it needs to be protected from wear and tear. In order to...

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Common Smartphone Damages You Need To Lookout For!

Smartphones are important parts of our lives, they literally assist us in everything— buying grocery, getting a cab, navigation, music, searching for a pair of shoes, and let’s not forget the its primary function – communication. But this helpful companion is constantly at threat. Most of these threats come from us in the form of accidents. However, they can be...

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